Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Action for Arts Education

September 12 - 18 is proclaimed Arts in Education Week by US Congress Resolution 275 (
Publicly recognizing the value of arts education is an opportunity and a privilege. Please take these actions in service to our educators, our children, our economy, and our civic interests.
  • Write a short opinion letter and send to your local internet and print media.
  • Follow the example of Pitt County:
    Get on the agendas of the County Commissioners, City Council, and Local School Board for five minutes. Bring a student artist or two. Make a short presentation on the value of arts education.
  • Focus all your social media communications in support of arts education for the entire week.
  • Invite a legislator (and local elected officials) to go with you to an arts class or program in your school (good idea to check with the school first).
Imagine for one moment that all 100 counties had activists who followed these suggestions. Just imagine.
ARTS North Carolina snail-mailed over 300 letters today to candidates running for statewide and national positions. We asked them to complete a very short survey about their positions on public funding for the arts and funding and policy for arts education. In one week, we will send you a Call to Action and give you the links to your district's statewide candidates, and if your candidate has not responded, we will give you instructions about urging their response. You can check out our Election 2010 information as it goes up on our web at

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