Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arts Education Bill Passes

Senate Bill 66, as amended by the House Education Committee, passed the North Carolina Senate with unanimous concurrence. 

The bill calls for a State Board of Education Task Force to consider, create, and recommend policies on arts education and must report to the North Carolina General Assembly Education Committees by December 2010. The Task Force must consider arts education in K-12, including the existing Basic Education Plan, availabilities of electives, requirements in every grade level, and the A+ Schools Program. The Task Force will further consider and recommend appropriate funding for the policies.

ARTS North Carolina began a concentrated advocacy effort for arts education four years ago. 

With the passage of S66, our work begins. While it may be the Task Force's responsibility to recommend policies and funding, it is the advocates' responsibility to ensure that the Task Force completes its work in a timely manner, that we communicate with our Representatives and our Senators about the recommendations of the Task Force, and that we make the strongest possible case for why tax dollars should be spent on arts education. 

ARTS North Carolina must grow its numbers of supporters and people engaged in this work. Our membership year begins July 1, but you can go online now and support ARTS North Carolina's work in arts education and other arts-related issues:

A Call to Action of appreciation will be issued upon the completion of the 2010-11 Budget. We are closely monitoring the recommended sustained grant funding for the North Carolina Arts Council. 

Continue to Live Expectantly.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

URGENT - Take Action Now, The Arts Need You!

On Wednesday afternoon, we issued a Call to Action regarding our arts education agenda item asking people to write their Representatives in support of S66 as amended by the House Education Committee. I regret to tell you that out of 18,000 possible recipients, only 243 individuals took action.

We have extended the Call To Action through next Thursday. The bill will move through House Appropriations and, if favorable, to the full House for a vote. Then it must go to the Senate for concurrence.

S66 directs the State Board of Education to appoint a Task Force to create a comprehensive arts education plan by December 2010. You can and should read the bill's content by clicking here.

This message should be forwarded to anyone who cares about arts education in our public schools with your personal endorsement for people to take action at

Apathy is our enemy. Grassroots advocacy works, but only if we take action.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Call to Action: Arts Education Moves Forward in House

The House Education Committee voted favorable this afternoon for a Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 66 that would direct the State Board of Education to appoint a task force to create a comprehensive arts education development plan for the public schools.  

The House Education Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 66 must be heard by the full House, possibly as early as this week.  

Please contact your Representative no later than Wednesday at 5pm.  Once the House approves, the House Education Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 66 must be sent back to the Senate for concurrence.

The Task Force will consider policies, recommend appropriate action and implementation strategies, and assess funding needs.  The Task Force will report to the Education Committees of the House and Senate no later than December 1, 2010.

Support a comprehensive arts education program in our public schools by responding to this Call to Action.