Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Old-Fashioned Way

Last Friday, ARTS North Carolina sent a Call to Action to activate our electronic program, Capwiz, so you could quickly e-mail candidates a request to complete our election survey. It didn't work. We learned with the first call about a problem that the data they use is from the 2000 Census.

On that same day, ARTS North Carolina staff and Board met with a high ranking Legislator who told us that our survey was very, very important. Not only will the candidates' responses be important in your decision to vote, but how they respond serves as a base line to begin conversations after the election.

We believe that your membership demonstrates an understanding of the importance of arts advocacy and that you will go the extra mile on this important survey initiative. PLEASE:
  • Know your candidates running for North Carolina House, Senate, US Senate, and US House If in doubt, go to the State Board of Elections website (http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/)
  • Check this page to see if your candidates have responded (http://www.artsnc.org/advocacy/election2010/responses.shtml)
  • Use your web browser to search for the candidate's web page, which should give you an e-mail address or a "contact" form
  • If the candidate doesn't have a web page, contact your local Board of Elections
  • Send a brief message that says:
Be sure and include your name and address so the candidate can verify that you are a voter in their district.

With your help, we can get this done. Thank you.

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