Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Problem

Registration for ARTS Day 2010 is nearing capacity. In past years, advocates have been able to register at the last minute or even walk-in to the event without prior registration, but we cannot guarantee last minute decisions this year. If you plan to attend ARTS Day 2010, and we hope you do, please do not delay completing your registration at

ARTS North Carolina has some ideas about why we have overwhelming support this year. Great numbers of people are waking up to the responsibility of advocacy, especially when they see what is happening in other Southern states. Advocacy is no longer a "whispered" word; advocacy is fast becoming an organizational and individual priority. We have Linda Carlisle, Secretary of Cultural Resources, to thank for her effective creative economy message. State support is more important than ever, and the North Carolina Arts Council has demonstrated its sacrificial commitment to keeping grants funding "whole." We have social media and its volunteer guru Shane Hudson to thank for getting the word where it needed to go. We have you to thank for listening and responding by passing the word along to others. We are one step closer to the vision of a united industry with a clear and passionate message.

What will you find when you get to Raleigh?
  • A turnkey event - While we encourage review of the materials before you come to Raleigh (, everything you need will be waiting for you. If you are not working with a Regional Coordinator, make sure you have called your Legislator's office and made an appointment. If you need help with your appointment or would like a mentor to go with you on the visit, contact
  • A community - Newcomers and oldcomers are all welcomed and quickly merged into a powerful lobby for arts funding and arts education policy.
  • Training - workshops on Creative Economy, Messaging, Advocacy 101, and Legislative Training
  • Fun - speaks for itself
  • Civic engagement - satisfaction that your individual efforts made/make a difference
  • Parking Problems - Leave early and allow time; registrants are sent parking suggestions.
Don't get left out! Register now at

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