Thursday, May 27, 2010

Advocacy Update - Good News

The House Appropriations Committee on General Government is recommending sustained funding for the grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council. 

The Chairs of Appropriations are likely to meet throughout the Memorial Day weekend and will likely come out with a budget next week. If they accept the General Government Committee's recommendation, then we go into the final budget negotiations with sustained funding recommended by both the House and the Governor's budget. 

This is all very promising news. Please stay tuned in the event a Call to Action is needed.

We also expect that the House Education Committee will hear Representative Becky Carney's substitute bill for Senate Bill 66, requiring one unit in the arts for high school graduation. Carney's bill will also begin the process for the State Departments of Education and Cultural Resources to create, recommend, and consider funding needs for a comprehensive arts education plan. Again, this is exceedingly promising. 

The bill is tentatively scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, June 1st, at 11 AM in room 643 of the Legislative Office Building; the public is invited to attend.

ARTS Day was a tremendous success. Byron Woods with the Independent Weekly has written a thoughtful and extensive article on arts activism – take a look here

All in all, it is has been a most encouraging two weeks for the arts at the General Assembly. We would be remiss if we did not credit Secretary Linda Carlisle, Legislative Liaison Melanie Soles, and Representative Becky Carney for their exemplary leadership.

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