Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Legislative Update

I thought that we would post the first blog of the legislative season today following a meeting with a Representative.  But yesterday his LA (Legislative Assistant) called to cancel.  Most LA's are extraordinarily nice and work dilligently to reschedule when cancellations are necessary.  They are the gatekeepers, the front line, the ones who deal with complaints and requests and impossible schedules.  And if you take the time to ask, you often find rich arts histories... "Oh, you're with the arts?  My daughter is an art history major"  or proudly  "I sing in the General Assembly Chorus."  Who knew there was a chorus.  Do they take lobbyist?
The cancellation serves to illustrate a legislative reality...things can change on a dime and often do.  What you think is a sure thing falls apart in seconds.  Sometimes lost causes become modern day miracles.  There is no end game, just an ebb and flo of process and relationships. 
When the session officially begins May 12, ARTS North Carolina will post regular updates on our blog.  Most postings will be official news, but we also plan on relaying some of the astounding sights and sounds of the North Carolina General Assembly.  This is going to be fun.

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