Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Governor Perdue's Budget

Governor Perdue's 2010-11 budget (second year of the biennium budget) released today sustains 2010-11 grants funding for the North Carolina Arts Council as ratified by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2009-10. Despite the prevailing economic news, Governor Perdue's budget recognizes the major contributions the arts are making to economic recovery in North Carolina. The Department of Cultural Resources and Department of Commerce research released in November on the creative industries in North Carolina qualifies 300,000 jobs and $42 billion in products and services. Secretary of Cultural Resources Linda Carlisle continues to travel throughout North Carolina delivering the good news about the role of the arts in a creative economy, and the message is being heard loudly and clearly.

With other neighboring states suffering unprecedented reductions in public support, North Carolina is supremely fortunate to have leaders who understand and invest in the arts industry. We encourage everyone to post a thank you to Governor Perdue on her Facebook page. Tell her you appreciate her commitment to the arts and that you plan to work tirelessly to persuade the Legislature to accept her recommendation on arts funding.

The Governor's budget is only the first step of the budgetary process. The General Government Committees of the House and Senate will begin their work on the budget soon after convening on May 12. Upholding Governor Perdue's recommendation for grants funding is the top priority of ARTS North Carolina as the Legislative session begins on May 12.

Governor Perdue's budget just notched up the imperative to attend ARTS Day on May 18 & 19 and to tell your Legislators why investing in the arts means jobs and money for North Carolina. We also want you to infuse your Legislative discussions with the passion you have for the transformative power of the arts in communities and in our lives. Late registration begins after April 30 and increases the membership registration fee from $25 (a real bargain) to $45. If you are not currently a member, the individual rate of $60 before April 30 includes an individual membership good through June 30, 2011. Register now at artsday.artsnc.org.

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