Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art and The Cherokee Tradition

Principal Chief Michell Hicks of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

“There is no word for art in the Cherokee language because art was such an integral part of our way of life it was incorporated into every aspect of our existence. Our state has also realized that vibrant art communities create jobs, invite tourism and give our people a higher quality of life. I believe it is important for the state to continue funding arts projects for the well being of our residents and visitors alike.”


  1. I understand the rich traditions of the Cherokee, and would love to hear more about examples that are measurable for those critics who always want to cut funding to the arts.
    In this economy we need to point to every success that creates jobs, and opportunity for communities to grow.

  2. The State (of course) 'funds' nothing. The State collects taxes and redistributes them. I wonder what the Cherokee would have thought of forced support of their art, culture and heritage?

    I am a sculptor by trade and by choice. I would be horrified were I to find that other citizens were being forced to purchase (or even view) my artwork. If my work will not stand on it's own, so be it... but, in my opinion, mandatory support is unconscionable.

    Michael Everitt
    Matthews, NC


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