Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From ARTS North Carolina's President...

The Arts Education Task Force met on October 5th for our second meeting, which included a presentation on A+ Schools programs. Committee member and Guilford County Schools principal Alan Parker stated, "In all my twenty-plus years of teaching and administrating, the three years I spent at Parkview A+ School were my most rewarding." 

Representative Becky Carney, a true champion for arts education in North Carolina's public schools, inspired the group when she said, "It is not the job of this Committee to determine whether we have arts education policy, it is our job to determine how we serve the children of North Carolina through arts education." 

The Task Force is working on a mission statement and will meet again on October 21. A report is due to the North Carolina General Assembly by December 1.

Pierce Egerton
ARTS North Carolina President and Arts Education Task Force Member

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