Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Value of Membership

ARTS North Carolina has begun its membership campaign asking organizations to renew for 2010-11. Individuals will receive a letter next week. We once had a very articulate Board member who would ask the question, "What is my return value?" He took a hard line business approach, and we continue to thank him.

His question will always be relevant. Over the years, ARTS North Carolina has increased recurring grant funds and then sustained them in the most difficult economic climate our nation has ever known. ARTS North Carolina brought arts education to the forefront of our Legislature and spearheaded the passage of Senate Bill 66, North Carolina's first legislation in support of arts education.

ARTS North Carolina passed the amusements tax exemption for all arts non-profit organizations... twice. We produce a highly effective legislative day, we connect our industry through communications, and we are reaching new constituents through our lively social media initiatives. We strategize and train people how to strategize in their communities. (On that note, get ready for Election 2010!)

Before one Legislative session is finished, we are working on the next. We provide the mechanism for one of our most fundamental rights – the right to petition government. We give people the opportunity to make a difference, one action at a time. ARTS North Carolina does this work with you and because of you, and we are grateful for your sustaining support.

You can skip the paper work and renew now on-line at You can print our form and have us charge your credit card each month. You can make a pledge, and we will invoice you. You can stick a check in the mail. The important thing is to take action and keep us speaking for the arts wherever there is need.

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