Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Casting a Wider Net

United individual actions are a powerful force for the arts.

We need you. 

ARTS North Carolina has launched our 2010 Advocacy Campaign. This campaign will conclude when the Legislature adjourns this summer. Between now and then, we want to keep you updated.

Each week we will send out information and action requests about state public funding and arts education policy. We will ask you to spend a few minutes getting up to speed on issues and taking small steps designed to create huge leaps of support from our state Legislators.

We have a grand plan.

Beginning now, ARTS North Carolina will send you important material and resources for your advocacy work - our education phase. On May 18-19 you will come to Raleigh for ARTS Day armed with facts and stories to make our case. For the remainder of the Legislative Session, we will orchestrate strategic action alerts based on circumstances and our Legislative agenda.

Let's test the system. If you do not know your state Legislators, go to www.ncleg.net and click on "Representation" on the main bar. You will need your 9 digit ZIP code, but the site will also give you a link to the ZIP code directory. Once you enter your ZIP code, you will see who represents you in the State Senate and State House. When you click on one of their names, it brings up a page with the Legislator's picture and other very useful information. It's important to know what your Senators and Representatives look like so you can have a conversation if you see them at home.

Home advocacy is the best kind.

Also, make sure ARTS North Carolina has your name and email address by requesting to be on our listserv at assistant@artsnc.org

Now is the time - take action.

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