Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Up To Us

The Emerging Issues Forum on Creativity was probably the most interesting conference I’ve ever attended. The speakers were fabulous (really fabulous), but I’ve seen fabulous. The company was great, but it always is. What was so amazing was that we (the few arts people in attendance) were able to watch as OUR argument was made FOR us, to and by the exact people we are always fighting to reach. To hear Daniel Pink, Bill Strickland, Arne Duncan and others telling the business community and legislature about the importance of Arts Education was extraordinary! I left inspired by their words and energized by the possibilities that lie ahead. This gathering has laid the ground work for us. It’s up to us to keep the ball rolling, but for once and FINALLY, we won’t be the only ones playing the game.

Angie Hays
Executive Director
North Carolina Theatre Conference

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