Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Institute for Emerging Issues - Creativity in Education

Judy Osborne, Theatre Educator from Southern Pines, will serve on a panel at the Emerging Issues Forum facilitated by Governor Jim Hunt.

The panel will explore creativity in education, and Judy's "small" task is to represent the importance of arts education. Obviously, that subject cannot be adequately covered in an hour, even if she had the entire program, so we want to suggest themes that should be highlighted. The Governor's new education initiative, Ready Set Go, is a good place to start.

If you have anecdotal information or research and data that illustrates the role of arts education in student retention, graduation, achievement, or attendance that can be specifically cited in the panel presentation, please forward to artsed@artsnc.org.

Example: [so-and-so] has been teaching theatre for 20 years and has advised and served an estimated 2,000 engaged students (i.e. those who continue beyond the basic courses). In that time, only 3 of her theatre students have dropped out of school. The state's drop-out rate hovers around 30%.

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